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"Caffeine makes us work harder. Is that good for us or not? What is good for a species?" Pollan says. "The kind of person caffeine made us, someone more likely to be striving and ambitious and highly productive, does that necessarily make us happier?"

"The benefits are clear on the civilization ledger," he adds. "On the species ledger, it really depends if you see civilization as a plus or minus for the species. It does a lot for us, but it also has an enormous cost."

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Veganism will become the new normal, not necessarily because of animal rights,regretfully, but because in the very near future the cost of production will out weigh the price that the consumer will bare. The costs of water,grain,

transportation,slaughter and handling, to the consumer will make plant based more affordable as they continue to increase in nutrition and taste. Factory farming is an absolutely poor business model for the use of resources, not to mention a food supply for the hungry by reallocating the use of grain. This will decrease all animal herds and end the brutality that goes into factory farming.

I believe a new consciousness will evolve with more compassion for all lives. Hopefully all animal consumption will

come to pass.

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